Phase 2B Scheduled to Start Monday February 28, 2022 

Phase 2B Begins at 5805 Taft Blvd and also will affect the following addresses.

5805 Taft And The Following Shepherds Glenn Addresses – 2719, 2721, 2723, 2725, 2727, 2729, 2731. –  Driveway demolition at your residence will be as follows:  Drive approach will be demolished and removed.  We will install gravel for temporary access.  There will be up to a 3 week period of time where access to your rear drives will be difficult as we install new pavement and new drive approaches.  We ask that you park on Shepherds Glenn as this work is performed.  Sanitation – Set your trash cans at the end of your driveway and Scales Construction will move them to a location for Sanitation to empty.  Scales Construction will then return your trash cans at the end of the day back to your driveway.      

South Shepherds Glen/Redlands Ct./Hazel Ct./Jeannie Ct./Sandra Lee Ct./Shepherds Ct. – The West Entrance to S. Shepherds Glenn is now open for use.

Taft Driveways – Please note that a blue line has been marked on each driveway along Taft.  This blue line is the extent of driveway replacement and is marked so you can easily see where it begins.  Your new concrete approach that connects to the new street will begin at this blue line   This blue line is not the edge of the roadway.

Taft Street Location – The new roadway is 37’ wide from back of curb to back of curb.  The orange paint mark in center of Taft Blvd. is the centerline of the new roadway.  The back of curb for new roadway is 18’-6” from the orange dot each way.