Phase 1B Scheduled to Start November 29, 2021

Taft Street Paving – Phase 1A – Final Phase 1A roadway concrete placement to be cast Wednesday November 24, 2021.

December 1, 2021 – Phase 1A roadway to be opened for Traffic up to 5914 Taft Blvd at approximately 12:00 Noon.

November 22, 2021 – Phase 1B to start with preliminary work beginning November 22, 2021 and demolition of roadway beginning December 3, 2021  – Roadway will be closed from 5914 Taft (approximately 600 LF from the intersection of Kemp/Taft Blvd up to West Entrance to South Shepherds Glenn.  The intersection of West South Shepherds Glenn will remain open.

Phase 1B – November 22-24, 2021 – New Mail Boxes will be installed and residence irrigation will be cut and capped at the following addresses.  5914, 5912, 5910, 5908, 5907, 5906, 5905 Taft Blvd.

Phase 1B – 2749 Shepherds Glenn – Irrigation will be cut and capped along Taft Blvd at your residence and gravel installed along Taft to allow access for affected residences.

Please note we have asked Wes Middleton at 5914 Taft to assist Scales Construction scheduling a meeting with affected addresses either Monday November 22 or Tuesday November 23 to discuss the impact to your residence.  Topic will be demo phasing and how to access your residence.    

Phase 1B – November 24, 2021 – Begin Driveway saw cutting.

Phase 1B – December 1, 2021 – Temporary piping will be installed at the residences along the North side of Taft from Driveway to Driveway so gravel can be installed to widen Taft along the North side to allow easier access to residences.

Phase 1B – December 3, 2021 – Demolition will begin on roadway on the South side of Taft from 5914 Taft up to West South Shepherds Glenn.  The North side of Taft will remain for residence access only.

Phase 1A – Offsite Drainage Channel bottom section 100% complete.  Work continues on channel walls.

Offsite Drainage Channel Pilot Channel 96% complete.  Work continues on Pilot Channel.

Utility Drainage Piping Complete in Phase IA.

Taft Driveways – Please note that a blue line has been marked on each driveway along Taft.  This blue line is the extent of driveway replacement and is marked so you can easily see where it begins.  Your new concrete approach that connects to the new street will begin at this blue line   This blue line is not the edge of the roadway.

Taft Street Location – The new roadway is 37’ wide from back of curb to back of curb.  The orange paint mark in center of Taft Blvd. is the centerline of the new roadway.  The back of curb for new roadway is 18’-6” from the orange dot each way.